Morgan Spurlock’s greatest TED Talk ever sold

Morgan Spurlock TED TalkI’m fascinated by Morgan Spurlock’s new film, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” I recently read the Fast Company article “I’m With the Brand,” and this week, I watched the TED Talk embedded below.

I haven’t seen the movie yet — it opens April 22 — so I have no clue whether it’s any good. But I can say I’m a fan of this ideas, especially his promotion of corporate transparency. From my perspective, the companies that run into trouble with reputation management are the ones who can’t find a way to speak honestly about their business.

Companies that find it difficult to honestly discuss their operations, goals and motivations may need to take a closer look at the ethics surrounding each of them.

The film below is 19 minutes long but it’s worth it for anyone concerned about the state of marketing in America today or how to manage your own brand.

Morgan Spurlock: The greatest TED Talk ever sold:

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