Ice Cream Friday: Jake’s Ice Cream visits Jackson Spalding

Ice Cream Sundae via will be an interesting day. I’m excited to host a focus group for Jake Rothschild, the serial entrepreneur and owner of Jake’s Ice Cream. A group of Jackson Spalding colleagues will walk-through the challenges of opening a retail concept on Peachtree Street in Midtown.

While we’re all marketers and communicators, today we’re volunteering our time and opinions as consumers and lovers of Midtown, Atlanta.

Jake is bringing a salad selection with homemade salad dressings from his Picnic! brand, along with pies and his famous made-from-scratch Jake’s Ice Cream. Hopefully, we’ll stay awake through the meeting and provide some valuable feedback.

After that, Jake will serve ice cream to the Atlanta office of Jackson Spalding to celebrate a secret announcement for the firm. He’s serving vanilla, strawberry, Slap Yo Mama Chocolate and Red Velvet Cake ice cream with all the fun sundae toppings. There will be homemade whipped cream and cherries to put on top. In addition, Jake will debut a non-dairy coconut ice cream.

It looks like ice cream Friday could be a high calorie day.

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