The following is a partial list of headlines for articles published with my byline from 1997 to 2004. The list covers my tenure at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and CNN.com. It does not include any articles from the Troy Messenger, Mobile Press-Register, Tuscaloosa News or Atlanta Business Chronicle. I also served as an editor for much of my time with the SHT, AJC and CNN, so I was editing more than writing.

Most of my work at CNN.com originated with correspondents in the field, not from my reporting. Those articles appeared as “From” the correspondent and not “By” me. Those articles are not included in this list.

The articles from CNN.com are linked to the archived original when possible. To find out what I’m writing today, read my bio or follow my blog.

Stormy weather disrupts holiday travel
November 25, 2004

Weather may snarl early holiday travel
November 23, 2004

‘Daily Show’ viewers ace political quiz
September 28, 2004

Zookeepers ‘fish’ for 12-foot alligator
September 16, 2004

Dick Cheney inspires loyalty, draws criticism
September 1, 2004

Wary New York stands guard
August 27, 2004

Music on your hard drive made easy
August 18, 2004

When the party’s over
July 30, 2004

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Blog, Day 1: July 26, 2004
Blog, Day 2: July 27, 2004
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Blog, Day 4: July 29, 2004

Boston rolls out $60 million security plan
July 25, 2004

Filmmaker explores evolution of the handshake
June 4, 2004

‘Friends’ say farewell
May 6, 2004

A year after shuttle tragedy, NASA aims higher
January 29, 2004

Davis projected to lose recall
October 6, 2003

Hard-hit North Carolina county slowly recovers
September 20, 2003

Bryan Long: Houses splintered, stairs lead to nothing
September 20, 2003

Homeowners want back in to Outer Banks
September 20, 2003

Good neighbor policy abundant after storm
September 19, 2003

Breakfast as usual at Virginia Beach diner
September 18, 2003

Residents revel in storm
September 17, 2003

Waiting for Isabel
September 16, 2003

Organizers remember the ‘Dream’
August 23, 2003

Climber recounts decision to amputate arm
May 9, 2003

Bush: ‘No outcome except victory’
March 18, 2003

Bush promotes economy, better health care
January 27, 2003

Security to tighten at research labs
January 19, 2003

New Yorkers look to plans for fractured skyline
January 11, 2003

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Sewer tunnel drains little creeks; County speculates that once liner is installed, water flow will return
October 17, 2002

Special tax districts on Nov. 5 ballot; Plan would benefit county’s older developed areas
October 10, 2002

Workers Connect Ends of Cobb County, Ga., Sewage Tunnel
October 8, 2002

A breakthrough for Cobb tunnel
October 8, 2002

Parker loses ballot bid
October 8, 2002

Historic homes joined by grand futures; New plans link 1848 House, The Mansion
October 7, 2002

Libertarians try last shot at 11th District contest
October 5, 2002

Libertarian takes ballot bid to court; Seeks spot in race for 11th District
October 4, 2002

Outgoing official cites water crisis
October 3, 2002

3rd parties need not apply; Georgia sets high bar on ballot access
September 30, 2002

Festive day with parade, ‘classic’ game; Black group sponsors fund-raiser
September 29, 2002

Visitors Bureau keeps plugging
September 26, 2002

11th District race tight
September 24, 2002

Commission seat winner eyes cleanup; Lee eyes Canton Road projects
September 19, 2002

Man sues to get his name on ballot
September 17, 2002

Marietta to demolish housing
September 14, 2002

County budget up 13% for 2003
September 12, 2002

ELECTION 2002: CONGRESS: Look for slugfest in the west
September 12, 2002

ELECTION 2002: CONGRESS: Early returns put Gingrey in lead
September 11, 2002

ELECTION 2002: CONGRESS: Gingrey, Walker gain nominations
September 11, 2002

ELECTION 2002: CONGRESS: Gingrey, Walker gain nominations
September 11, 2002

COBB COUNTY COMMISSION: Ad, vote snafu may mean 3 directors in six weeks
September 9, 2002

3 runoffs solidify; 13 Congress races
September 6, 2002

ELECTION 2002: 3 key races in Tuesday runoff
September 5, 2002

Church, gay politics ignite race; Endorsement, integrity issues swirl in 11th District
August 31, 2002

Views on gays at issue in 11th; Runoff candidate claims opponent is too supportive
August 30, 2002

COBB COMMISSION: Olens back, as county chairman; Budget, talks with cities on agenda
August 29, 2002

Herriott will help Gingrey in 11th race
August 24, 2002

PRIMARY 2002: THE DAY AFTER: 11TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT RUNOFF: Mudslinging could posion waters for GOP’s nominee
August 22, 2002

Cherokee watering rules confuse some
August 18, 2002

Kahn posing as cattle farmer, Darden charges
August 17, 2002

Major posts on line in primary; Incumbents face off in some races
August 15, 2002

CAMPAIGN FOCUS: New district a big stretch for candidates
August 7, 2002

CAMPAIGN FOCUS: Darden, Kahn get aggressive in TV ads
August 7, 2002

ELECTION 2002: Minority candidates may gain
August 1, 2002

Candidate knocks rival’s ad
July 30, 2002

Hopefuls would diversify commission
July 25, 2002

SWAT team finds subject dead
July 19, 2002

Zoning vote complicates Olens’ race; His ‘no’ brought Collins in
July 18, 2002

Kahn on Ga. board while in Fla.
July 2, 2002

Candidate shows up in wrong party
June 29, 2002

ELECTION 2002: Plenty of choices in commission races
June 27, 2002

Candidate forum gets jolt; Kahn: Consider drug legalization
June 26, 2002

Judge strikes law freezing property tax
June 26, 2002

Oddly shaped 11th an endurance race
June 22, 2002

Homestead ‘freeze’ ends need for tax rate rollback
June 20, 2002

KSU has role in new voting; Center paves way for machines
June 20, 2002

Vote date for Cobb chairman unsettled
June 14, 2002

2002 metro poll: Schools don’t get all good grades
June 13, 2002

Cobb’s Byrne hits the campaign trail; County leader quits to run for governor
June 12, 2002

Judge’s map ruling a win for Democrats; Party has gain on County Commission
June 6, 2002

Cobb elections on with judge’s maps
June 1, 2002

Cobb throws in towel on glass bus shelters
May 29, 2002

Lawsuits over district maps may delay elections in Cobb
May 25, 2002

Touchy-feely voting machines come to town
May 24, 2002

Cobb district maps go to federal court
May 23, 2002

Cobb GOP shows discord
May 21, 2002

Byrne’s time to move on; Successful commission chairman leaves Cobb with uncertain future
May 19, 2002

Pastor has empathy for Catholic church in crisis
May 16, 2002

Touched by scandal, St. Ann’s Church keeps loyal following
May 15, 2002

Mayor regrets Remus remark; Comment sparks Marietta race flap
May 11, 2002

Health problems end job for Askea; Commissioner won’t be up for re-election
May 9, 2002

Cobb asks court to stall elections
May 7, 2002

Cobb votes to endorse legislative districts
April 26, 2002

Method as uncertain as choices for voters
April 25, 2002

Cobb school board challenges old districts
April 25, 2002

Fightfighter enters Cobb race
April 24, 2002

An urban answer for restoration; Tax would aid older areas
April 18, 2002

Byrne assails Marietta news report
April 17, 2002

Senate fails to act on Cobb district maps
April 13, 2002

Commission gets zoning petitions
April 11, 2002

Novel approach; Regional library will be wired for Internet use from the start
April 4, 2002

Lessons in dorm life; KSU’s changes in plans upset neighbors
March 28, 2002

Democrat stalls Republican-leaning Cobb map
March 28, 2002

BUS VOTE DEADLINE FRIDAY: GRTA awaits counties’ actions
March 26, 2002

Atlanta mayor goes visiting; Speech in Cobb opens a door
March 22, 2002

Vote on regional bus system nears; Commission must decide Tuesday
March 21, 2002

Atlanta-Area Mobile-Home Park’s Residents Struggle to Move Out
March 17, 2002

Mobile home dwellers fear orders to move on
March 17, 2002

Metro area eyeing property tax suit
March 13, 2002

New center to serve frail, active alike
March 7, 2002

Singer’s appeal cuts across ages, sexes
August 20, 2001

Cobb urged to hit the Heritage Trail
February 27, 2001

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Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Departure provides opportunity to think about the future
August 10, 2000

From sandy beaches to sunshine, a list of things to miss
August 3, 2000

Time to pack up, again, and say good-bye to Englewood
July 27, 2000

Enjoying all Englewood has to offer, bruises and all
July 20, 2000

Finding a family vacation off the beaten path isn’t easy
July 13, 2000

Book list sheds light on Englewood reading habits
July 6, 2000

Group does its own census; Volunteers were upset that Census workers reported finding no homeless.
July 04, 2000

Road construction in Englewood? Fill ‘er up, Buddy.
June 29, 2000

Sweating through the pain isn’t always fun, relaxing
June 22, 2000

When engine stalls, it’s time to start bonding with truck
June 15, 2000

Gumball machine doesn’t lead to as much fun as hoped
June 8, 2000

Summer arrives with the memories of summers past
June 1, 2000

Writer reflects on last-minute arrivals for air travel
May 18, 2000

Writer offers last chance to help find a cure for cancer
May 11, 2000

Nephew’s birth delivers more than just a bundle of joy
May 4, 2000

Time management training gets lost in the shuffle
April 27, 2000

Childhood visions become clearer with age, if not wisdom
April 20, 2000

Remembering the fish pond, golf balls of busy retiree
April 13, 2000

Help find a cure for cancer, join our Relay for Life team
April 6, 2000

Looking back at Pokémon craze, its effects on parents
March 30, 2000

Bill collectors cashing in on new kinds of money
March 23, 2000

Picking Georgia’s winners isn’t a picture-perfect job
March 16, 2000

Too much air travel leads to many unhappy returns
March 9, 2000

When duty calls, writer (eventually) answers
March 2, 2000

Watching television has never clicked quite like this
February 24, 2000

Internet service sheds light on area book shelves
February 17, 2000

Englewood’s Business Expo plays well on Main Street
February 10, 2000

Writer discovers a new angle on an old fish tale
February 3, 2000

Sweating through the lies is tough mental exercise
January 27, 2000

Visions of 2000 didn’t include harsh dose of reality
January 20, 2000

It’s a tall order – worrying about self more than work
January 13, 2000

America’s love-hate relationship with advertising
January 6, 2000

Big Apple trip inspires dreams of warm Christmas
December 30, 1999

Santa Claus delivers magic of Christmas to everyone
December 23, 1999

Holiday traditions begin at the table, end on the scale
December 16, 1999

Seeing red – crimson, that is – at the Orange Bowl
December 9, 1999

Hold the pickle, hold the Pokémon cards and toys
December 2, 1999

Reintroducing Main Street’s most valuable assets
November 25, 1999

Newspaper rankings’ beauty is in the eye of the voter
November 18, 1999

Slew of air travels leads to many unhappy returns
November 11, 1999

Appalachian Trail reflects life’s challenges, triumphs
November 4, 1999

Raw eggs aren’t the only risk at the American table
October 28, 1999

Thinking ahead to mountains brings back moving day
October 21, 1999

Walking the trail may be a lost cause for writer
October 14, 1999

Hometowns spin off novelties like two-story outhouse
September 30, 1999

Keeping up with the weather isn’t always easy
September 23, 1999

On the open waters off Boca Grande, it’s Mission: Fishing
September 16, 1999

When dad’s in the kitchen, it’s always a four-alarm meal
September 9, 1999

Weekend brings fun of egg eating, more to Englewood
September 2, 1999

A lot has been learned in a year publishing Main Street
August 26, 1999

The beat goes on (and on) at Siesta Key gathering
August 19, 1999

Shopping trip proves tax-free but not stress-free
August 12, 1999

Animal instincts difficult for humans to overcome
August 5, 1999

Hiking mountain trail to bring change of scenery, challenges
July 29, 1999

Beach volleyball team stands tall, comes up short
July 22, 1999

Boat operator charged in crash; Investigators determine that alcohol was involved in the accident that injured two.
July 20, 1999

It’s not beginning to look a lot like Christmas (in July)
July 15, 1999

Stealth-like ants make the great outdoors an adventure
July 8, 1999

Karaoke tunes make basketball hopes disappear
July 1, 1999

Auction spurs tough choices for golf bag bidder
June 24, 1999

Movie season arrives with enough hype to spare
June 17, 1999

Traveling America’s roads unveils signs of life
June 10, 1999

Encounter with talking duck leaves lasting impression
June 3, 1999

Pollsters need to discover our real opinion – get lost
May 27, 1999

Graduates have lessons to learn after emotions settle
May 20, 1999

All the rules are broken with Florida summers
May 13, 1999

Moms deserve combat pay for surviving their kids
May 6, 1999

Teen-agers can’t be ignored, no matter who they are
April 29, 1999

Birthdays cause too much thinking to be any fun
April 22, 1999

Alligators’ behavior rests on everyone’s shoulders
April 15, 1999

Trio makes better comedy troupe than fishing team
April 8, 1999

Which came first the collection or the egg?
April 1, 1999

Visitor after visitor keeps writer at home on vacation
March 25, 1999

Hoosiers head for artificial sun waiting for the real thing
March 18, 1999

Old hobby resurfaces for retiree; Joe Kuzma, 74, a former aerospace engineer, earned recertification as a scuba diver.
March 11, 1999

Ainger’s impact on Englewood can’t be measured
March 11, 1999

Influential businessman dies; An Englewood native, L.A. Ainger left his mark on the community in a number of ways.
March 5, 1999

Spring fever festival ready to repeat success
March 4, 1999

The great American rummage sale
March 4, 1999

Floridian samples snowy South Carolina
February 25, 1999

Millennium bugs some trying to prepare for big day
February 25, 1999

Toy maker’s gum ball machine isn’t much fun for writer
January 14, 1999

Paradise lost; Englewood once played host to French impressionist Paul Gauguin’s eldest son. It was a journey for Emil to outrun his famous father’s turbulent legacy.
January 14, 1999

This holiday season, let’s put sushi on the table
December 17, 1998

Hometowns spin off novelties like two-story outhouse
December 10, 1998

Two elks help make bright Christmas with game
December 3, 1998

Fish pond, golf balls highlight visit with busy retiree
November 19, 1998

Two killed, one injured in shooting
November 19, 1998

Time on secluded beach brings clarity of thought
October 22, 1998

Up the lazy river; a long dormant backwoods Florida campground gets a new lease on life
October 8, 1998

Englewood readies for Georges; some home and business owners are boarding up windows. Others are unconcerned.
September 25, 1998

Many shop calmly, knowing they already are prepared
September 24, 1998

‘Lucky’ the pet chicken is good reason for e-mail
September 17, 1998

Parades, especially Monday’s, bring good memories
September 10, 1998

Pioneering spirit; Englewood festival marches forward
September 3, 1998

Shedding light on washed-up needles; second syringe found on beach
July 25, 1998

Team tarpon: group reels in awards; boat’s anglers, captain set pace in Boca Grande
July 10, 1998

Tarpon tournament: ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’; anglers dreaming of one that doesn’t get away
July 9, 1998

Family pets are untold victims of wildfires
July 6, 1998

Boaters vs. Sea grass: a delicate balance; residents seek Lemon Bay speed limit
July 5, 1998

2 men stand against blaze to save home
July 5, 1998

Prayers for rain, worries abound in midst of blazes
July 4, 1998

Water customers part of suit
July 1, 1998

Girl is home after 3 years; she’s back with her father in Englewood after her mother is arrested in connection to her abduction.
June 27, 1998

Englewood man reunited with daughter; three years after she disappeared in a parental kidnapping, Chrystal Didonato, is coming home.
June 26, 1998

Plan to expand YMCA still alive; the chairman of the south county family YMCA says the organization remains committed to Englewood.
June 25, 1998

Commission strengthens building code; the changes will require all homes to conform to strict structural standards.
June 24, 1998

County plans vote on 1 percent tax
June 24, 1998

Future of hermitage is under discussion; Sarasota County is looking into ways for the former nudist resort on blind pass beach to generate income.
June 21, 1998

Tax extension funds eyed for various improvements; sidewalks, parks and the cultural center are all slated for improvement if voters give the nod to extending a 1 percent sales tax.
June 21, 1998

‘Growing pains’ divide local YMCAs; the Englewood organization wants to leave with its Venice parent and align with the more prosperous Sarasota family YMCA.
June 18, 1998

Englewood i-75 link may be delayed; only part of the money needed for the project is guaranteed. Englewood will have to fight, again, for the rest.
June 17, 1998

County to study erecting signs; the county’s legal department has been so concerned about liability that it has opposed adding signs or any other marking.
June 16, 1998

July 4th fireworks back on schedule
June 12, 1998

Waterway’s new design will be unveiled Friday
June 11, 1998

Jail builder explains cost hike; miscalculations made by the firm have increased the price of the new facility by $ 1.5 million.
June 10, 1998

County juggles jail-building costs; despite the rising estimates of construction costs, the commission still supports the building company.
June 7, 1998

Seniors look ahead to future; Lemon Bay high graduates spend night in celebration
June 6, 1998

Commission revises travel policy; the board members vote to relax the restrictions on reimbursement.
June 3, 1998

A lesson in protocol; residents strike out at hearing in Charlotte; opponents of some county growth policies come up short when their day in court turns dismal pretty quickly.
June 2, 1998

Today’s playground: tomorrow’s community park; accord near on land for park
June 1, 1998

Project graduation; safe, sober soiree; in what has become a tradition at Lemon Bay high school, only a handful of seniors skip the annual graduation-night bash.
May 31, 1998

Repairs will close key bridge; the tom Adams Bridge, connecting Manasota Key and Englewood at the south end of the key, will be closed two nights next week.
May 30, 1998

Englewood water district not pleased by mailed ads; the district says a private company is using a ‘misleading’ promotion.
May 30, 1998

Osprey leaves key in dark
May 29, 1998

Highway check is almost in the mail; millions for the Englewood connector from river road to Interstate 75 is a signature away.
May 29, 1998

The check is almost in the mail; millions for the Englewood connector from river road to Interstate 75 is a signature away.
May 28, 1998

Commission looks at future of courthouse; what will be done with the building once its replacement opens has yet to be decided.
May 27, 1998

Dredging of stump pass beating clock; the new, wider channel will not be marked because of a liability question.
May 22, 1998

Charlotte adjusts impact fees; the fees for single-family homes will decrease 7.1 percent, to $2,510.
May 20, 1998

County to boost tax on gasoline; the commissioners accept a list of projects that will receive money from the tax.
May 20, 1998

Happy days for local youth club: director staying; Scott Toney, who had said he was leaving the boys and girls club of Charlotte County, says he wants to reach some important goals.
May 19, 1998

Taxes for roads: a two-way street; officials first must show a need; the public works department this week will have a second chance to receive gas-tax money for road projects.
May 18, 1998

Improving Englewood beach; plan rides swell of opinion; the proposal by Sarasota’s coastal dunes is earning praise from both the public and officials.
May 13, 1998

Commission discusses gas, sales taxes
May 13, 1998

Commission to consider taxes
May 12, 1998

Houses raise big ruckus in gulf cove; the residents complain that two small homes without garages will drag down their property values.
May 10, 1998

Loop’s face lift changes neighborhood; for some in the Englewood area, a road’s ribbon-cutting ceremony is ‘good news, bad news.’
May 7, 1998

Emergency workers, county reach pact
May 6, 1998

Median project unfurls new leaf
May 6, 1998

Contractor hired for sewer expansion
May 6, 1998

Boca bridge authority to study rates; bridge authority supervisors say revenues are down because of the popular discount passes.
May 5, 1998

Cedar point land bid is over; the time to make use of a state grant for the project runs out after land purchase negotiations stall.
May 4, 1998

Charlotte pupils cope with water woes; while bottled water and ‘juice breaks’ are given, one principal says ‘it’s just another Friday.’
May 2, 1998

Many parents unaware of schools’ closings
May 1, 1998

Plan for Buchan to stick to basics; the Sarasota County Commission would like to see it remain much the way it is, only safer.
April 30, 1998

Buchan spreads new wings; reacting to public input, the Sarasota County Commission is making plans to improve the airport, instead of closing it.
April 29, 1998

Buchan airport: future uncertain; crash adds emotion to debate
April 28, 1998

Group lobbies to keep 1% tax; the Charlotte assembly says the local option sales tax will help the county deal with explosive growth.
April 26, 1998

Future carries a hefty price; the Charlotte assembly appears on the verge of seeking an extension of Charlotte county’s 1 percent sales tax, which could generate more than $ 50 million over four years.
April 25, 1998

Forward thinkers: group envisions tomorrow; assembly gazes into the future
April 24, 1998

Heavy traffic; busy boulevard to expand; construction to expand Veterans Boulevard to four lanes could begin by 2000.
April 22, 1998

Board discusses donations policy
April 22, 1998

Expanded fire service on the way; Englewood officials are pursuing agreements with Sarasota and Charlotte counties. The agreements would expand ambulance service.
April 21, 1998

Modular home irks neighbors; they say they are concerned about safety and property values.
April 20, 1998

High schoolers pass on knowledge; beach doubles as classroom
April 17, 1998

Corps permit delay holds up stump pass dredging project
April 17, 1998

New life for stump pass; pass dredging may start soon; the state permit for the project could be issued as early as this afternoon. The work will be done during sea turtle nesting season.
April 13, 1998

Charlotte skatepark rolls closer to its goal
April 10, 1998

Year 2000 bug cure; county pays $ 1.8 million for software
April 8, 1998

Lawmakers: we found evacuation route money
April 4, 1998

Sand castle plans; major improvements, expansion envisioned
April 3, 1998

Airport will stay public; two advisory panels have urged that the land stay open and green if the airport is closed.
April 1, 1998

Former Charlotte commissioner dies
March 29, 1998

Bird-watching: high-flying excitement dominates aviation extravaganza; t-birds a sight for soar eyes; glitches aside, a stellar performance by the U.S. Air Force’s precision flying team leaves its audience walking on air.
March 29, 1998

High excitement: air show in Punta Gorda; for now, job is up in the air
March 28, 1998

Pilots float a new plan for Buchan
March 26, 1998

County attorney gets 3% raise; Renee Lee received ‘outstanding’ and ‘above satisfactory’ ratings in almost every review category.
March 25, 1998

Funding for i-75 connector in bill; money for an evacuation route from cape haze peninsula is included in a federal highway bill.
March 25, 1998

Signs will show way to beach
March 25, 1998

Impact on taxi drivers debated; cab drivers made no comments during a public hearing Monday.
March 24, 1998

Down the drain: without a paddle; the incident occurred even as residents met with county officials to protest the Newgate waterway flooding.
March 21, 1998

Residents split on proposal for Rotonda Park; a discussion on the developer’s offer of 35 acres for a park in the heart of the community ends without a consensus.
March 20, 1998

Evacuation route plan dealt blow; money for the Winchester boulevard plan won’t be in the house version of the state budget.
March 19, 1998

Road project receives big blow
March 19, 1998

Veterans boulevard repairs get green light; the work is to improve a portion of the road that was built 20 years ago.
March 18, 1998

County sketches use of public art
March 18, 1998

Boys and girls club director planning to leave Florida; the Charlotte club formed in February 1997 and hired Scott Toney in May.
March 17, 1998

Group supports effort to save Buchan airport; the Englewood area planning advisory board asks the Sarasota County Commission to keep planes flying.
March 13, 1998

Designer to reveal plan for medians
March 12, 1998

County floats solution to flooding
March 11, 1998

Storm blows through, leaving mess; strong winds break branches, down lines; most homes spared; a cold front dumps 1 to 2 inches of rain and brings gusts of up to 60 miles per hour.
March 10, 1998

Residents haven’t given up on airport
March 6, 1998

Englewood residents to pitch in to help girl, 11, burned in fire
March 5, 1998

Airfield discussion has limits; the county wants suggestions on what to do with Buchan airport when, not if, it closes.
March 5, 1998

Sheriff’s office gets spacious new home
March 4, 1998

Stump pass dredging; county votes to spend more; the extra money would be used if the state approves a dredging permit on a higher-priced bid.
March 4, 1998

Expo ’98 is open for business; local firms give a sampling – at no charge – of their products and services during the exhibition.
March 1, 1998

Out of africa: stories transport youngsters to another place; young listeners travel with their imaginations
February 28, 1998

Beach debate draws crowd; residents of Gasparilla Island talk about what needs to be done with 24 slivers of land the county owns between luxurious private homes.
February 26, 1998

County to spend more on canal; the county will negotiate with an engineering firm to try to find a solution to flooding.
February 25, 1998

Mother finds slain son on back porch
February 24, 1998

County rapped at airport hearing; six property owners say the county’s effort to close Buchan airport is hurting their rights.
February 20, 1998

Homeowners have court date on airport; they are asking a judge to uphold a ruling that gives them permanent access to Buchan airport.
February 19, 1998

Charlotte County plans to woo summer tourists
February 18, 1998

Skate park clears hurdle
February 18, 1998

Bradberry deals with new setback; the beloved columnist of ‘Mary With Children’ is hospitalized for the third time in four months.
February 17, 1998

Teen gets wish to meet young sitcom star; nearly blind Megan Harmon is welcome on the set of ‘home improvement.’
February 12, 1998

Commission divided on land for projects; a proposed skateboard park and community center remain in limbo for Charlotte County.
February 11, 1998

Body identified as man from St. Petersburg; Dennis Miller and two other men had gone fishing on super bowl Sunday. The bodies of two of the men have been found.
February 10, 1998

New shelter opens in Englewood; people attending the opening ceremony said animal adoptions should increase in the new facility.
February 8, 1998

Body of man washes ashore; authorities have not identified the body found Friday morning on middle beach.
February 7, 1998

L.A. Ainger namesake on hand to accept scholarship plum
February 5, 1998

Manasota Key homes threatened; waves from gulf storms are inching closer to seven homes. Homeowners want a permit to reinforce sea walls.
February 5, 1998

County debates escape route; Mac Horton has proposed a referendum to extend Charlotte County’s sales tax.
February 4, 1998

Rotonda Park wins preliminary ok
February 4, 1998

Hearings could determine future of parks project; a Charlotte County department head wants to complete the Tringali Center in Englewood.
February 3, 1998

Bird colonel: retired soldier monitors rookery; warnings fly in nesting season retired army col. Terry weekly sees the results of careless human behavior.
February 1, 1998

Girl’s dream may happen; the Englewood youth hopes for the chance to meet the teen idol from the ABC sitcom ‘Home Improvement.’
January 31, 1998

Charlotte balks at sidewalk design on 776; the county doesn’t care for the state’s plan to put sidewalks a foot from the edge of frontage roads.
January 30, 1998

Panel approves slough’s purchase; environmentally sensitive Amberjack Slough will be kept as open space and may be developed as a passive park.
January 28, 1998

Commission backs off renaming streets
January 28, 1998

County seeks change in fees for mowing lots
January 28, 1998

Jaycees work to help teen get her wish
January 27, 1998

Water spout rips homes; an Englewood mobile home park hit hard; no one is injured as the twister damages 21 homes, three severely.
January 24, 1998

Facing uncertainty: teen soon could be sightless; girl’s limited vision threatened
January 23, 1998

Work on saturated roadsides all wet, residents say; crews on wrong side of tracks
January 22, 1998

Winters listens to residents’ concerns; county administrator Ian Winters was at the annual membership meeting of the west Charlotte County civic association.
January 22, 1998

Closed for repairs: but more than a year?; Alligator Bay boardwalk options being considered
January 15, 1998

Engineer dies in car wreck
January 14, 1998

Arborist: plan should protect oaks; the Englewood sewer project will be more expensive than planned.
January 11, 1998

Manasota oaks: protecting a neighborhood; key defends trees, way of life; the Englewood water district agrees to bury a sewage pipe without harming six historic oak trees, but residents still worry.
January 10, 1998

Professional mediators offer to help stop hunger strike
January 8, 1998

Englewood man arrested in cybersex case; Chris David Cook is accused of using the internet to arrange an encounter with a 15-year-old girl.
January 6, 1998

Hunger strike feeds on despair; the impasse between the coalition of Immokalee workers and the tomato growers strikes at the heart of a town dependent on agriculture.
January 3, 1998

Red tide returns after brief respite; fish kills to south
January 1, 1998

Fire guts Lemon Bay classroom; the blaze that destroyed naval ROTC equipment was set to cover a burglary, investigators say.
December 30, 1997

Young rescuers honored at lunch
December 25, 1997

Man seeks saviors of the field
December 23, 1997

T. Nick warms to life down south; as he greets visitors at Englewood’s celebration, Santa says spending the holidays in Florida instead of up north is almost a perfect switch.
December 21, 1997

Sex crime set up on internet, police report says; a father says his teen was lured to a sexual rendezvous.
December 20, 1997

Weather outlook is bright for parade; organizers expect ‘a great turnout’ for Englewood’s holiday activities.
December 20, 1997

Tragic hunting accident: man paralyzed; victim faces future with spirit
December 19, 1997

Activist has no time for accolades
December 18, 1997

Residents question hefty drainage fees; the increases in storm-water management fees in four south county basins are on their minds.
December 18, 1997

Volunteer too busy for praise
December 18, 1997

Parade of boats glistens on river
December 17, 1997

Students sacrifice toys, but program still lacking
December 16, 1997

Property owners to unite in battle; the homeowners plan to lobby county government in hopes of protecting their property values.
December 11, 1997

Englewood’s toys for tots struggling; donations to the charitable program are down this year, its director says.
December 10, 1997

Family honors son’s memory with fund
December 6, 1997

State oks land deal; beach access to grow; the importance of the land that the state plans to purchase is its proximity to a secluded beach.
December 5, 1997

Columnist’s heart attack makes paper
December 3, 1997

That’s the spirit!; thanksgiving day leftovers give way to the jingle of cash registers that signal the start of Christmas shopping.
November 29, 1997

Church lays out feast for hundreds; gulf cove united Methodist celebrates the holiday by opening its doors to everyone who wants a meal.
November 28, 1997

Motel gets ok to lengthen sea wall; the owner says the Manasota Key motel needs more protection from tidal surges.
November 27, 1997

Children at work: doing something for others; youngsters make holiday goodies
November 26, 1997

County to decide today on sea-wall extension; a motel owner says storm surges are destroying his structure’s foundation.
November 25, 1997

Coral creek bridge: ‘structurally deficient’; pilings from ’51 wearing out; the county’s worst bridge is not about to collapse, but repairs are necessary.
November 20, 1997

Bridge’s pilings wearing out
November 20, 1997

Proposal would cut some bus stops; students who live near the school would need to find new ways to get there.
November 18, 1997

Humane society director fired after 9-month stint
November 15, 1997

Evacuation tops Horton’s wish list; the Charlotte commissioner tells those at a town hall meeting that the county plans to ask the state to pitch in to engineer two new routes.
November 13, 1997

Hero sounds off on state of military
November 12, 1997

Purchase of Boca Bridge near deal
November 11, 1997

Stadium fills with country music fans
November 10, 1997

Generous couple’s benefit aims to help them this time
November 9, 1997

Woman contracts encephalitis; health officials announce the first case of the mosquito-borne virus in Charlotte county. The 71-year-old woman is at home recovering.
November 6, 1997

Homeowner wins battle for land; Lee County agrees to a Boca Grande land swap that gives the homeowner a larger parcel.
October 30, 1997

County seeks new use for airport site; it asks for a plan to develop a community center and a hurricane evacuation site at Englewood’s Buchan airport land.
October 29, 1997

Grieving mother to visit daughter’s class; Jenny Toro will tell her late daughter’s classmates that Katrina died a happy girl.
October 28, 1997

Club opens for children in gulf cove; the boys and girls club provides afterschool care; for students of Myakka River Elementary school.
October 27, 1997

Andy rock named district fire chief; he has been a firefighter with the Englewood district since its inception and has served as acting chief since Joe Velardi retired in June.
October 23, 1997

Airport group hopes meeting will save Buchan; the private corporation intends to take over control and maintenance of the airport from Sarasota County.
October 22, 1997

Englewood will get a head start; the Venice foundation money will allow the program to start helping needy children.
October 21, 1997

Car vs. Condo: driver and resident unhurt; apartment only casualty when car jumps curb
October 16, 1997

Lip service: tongues tied in quest for glory; ‘sync’-ers rise to final challenge
October 15, 1997

Delays: ‘relax . . . Let us get the work done’; work lowers sr 776 speeds; a strip of the road is being widened to four lanes. Drivers should use caution.
October 14, 1997

Road work lowers S.R. 776 speeds; a strip of the road is being widened to four lanes,; and the speed limit is down to 45 mph. Drivers should use caution.
October 14, 1997

Teen charged with giving away mom’s drugs; he wanted to be cool, but the 14-year-old boy got caught. Now he’s out of school.
October 11, 1997

Paddling 1,600 miles: journey begins in the heart; kayaker conquers elements
October 10, 1997

New fire chief will usher in new era
October 9, 1997

Boosters fight to keep Buchan airport alive; on Saturday, supporters will sponsor a day of food; at Englewood’s only airfield.
October 7, 1997

Authorities investigate art theft; homeowner says 20 oil paintings left by a visiting French artist were stolen from her home.
September 30, 1997

Mud flap: good family fun or a nuisance?; buggies face ban from bogs; an ordinance proposed; by Charlotte county sheriff Richard Worch has mud-boggers worried.
September 29, 1997

Rescuers search for reported fallen plane; a witness reports seeing a small airplane fall from the sky southeast of Venice.
September 27, 1997

Sneaky python snakes out; but the mystery of the disappearance is happily uncoiled when 13-foot Alice ‘drops in’ on her owner.
September 26, 1997

Hospital alert was no cause for alarm; Sarasota county emergency workers respond to a call for help only to find their services unneeded.
September 25, 1997

Parks adviser with tie to developer will resign
September 25, 1997

Boys and girls club going slowly, wants to make every step right
September 24, 1997

Opinions diverse on beach changes; some visitors are nostalgic for Englewood beach’s earlier days. Others say some changes would be good.
September 21, 1997

Yellow Labradors not killed after all; deputies say the story about finding three dead animals in a garbage bag was manufactured.
September 19, 1997

South gulf cove; off-road fun causes concern; residents of the remote community say that undeveloped acres nearby attract hunters and campers.
September 17, 1997

Dark of night: new enemy threatens turtles; human predators poach eggs; the turtle patrol finds eggs missing from protected nests on stump pass beach.
September 17, 1997

Drug protest off to a quiet start; the weekend-long event sponsored by the bread-of-life mission is designed to rid the mission neighborhood of drug dealers.
September 13, 1997

Developer offers to donate land; but the county must promise to turn the 35-acre property into a working park.
September 12, 1997

Day at flight school; Englewood first-graders watch with soaring spirits – and learn an important lesson in the protection of a threatened species – as a young southern bald eagle regains her freedom.; youngsters share in a special experience
September 11, 1997

Sidewalks add to school safety; busing cuts have led to more students walking or riding a bike to school.
September 10, 1997

Debate rising on beach use; a restaurant-and-pier proposal for Englewood beach inspires the county to hold a workshop to discuss the much-battled issue of potential uses.
September 6, 1997

Water board to keep its word; the Englewood board decides against an aggressive move to add more customers.
September 5, 1997

Charlotte beaches, shore to be focus of meeting
September 4, 1997

Fellow beachgoers come to youngster’s rescue
September 3, 1997

Turtle hatchlings need human help
September 2, 1997

Little guys are big pain if they bite
August 30, 1997

How nature nurtures Charlotte tourism
August 29, 1997

Gasparilla Island, Lee County; commission postpones decision on vacating land
August 27, 1997

It’s back to school; it takes a shot in the arm to get some kids to class
August 26, 1997

Beach access not always easy find; much of the Gasparilla Island land is hidden; and Lee County has given away millions of dollars worth.
August 25, 1997

Director, band see eye to eye; Lemon Bay band, new leader eager to meet challenges of marching season.
August 23, 1997

Teen fights create alarm
August 22, 1997

Breakfast: the way to start the year; pep rally prepares teachers for school bell
August 22, 1997

Englewood’s silence shattered by brawl
August 21, 1997

Director tunes up for 1st season
August 21, 1997

Censorship of cartoon not a laughing matter
August 15, 1997

Rescued manatee killed by boat; Gabriella had been nursed back to health and then re-released into the wild last summer.
August 8, 1997

Just dirt: preventive parking; parking problem causing debate; Weston’s resort is blocking beach-access parking spaces and county code enforcement is fining it $ 250 a day.
August 7, 1997

Youth club’s new director eager to get kids coming in; Natalie Orobello needs 19 more volunteers to help in the boys and girls club after-school program.
August 6, 1997

Cedar Point Park: community center on way; nature preserve will have added attraction; the environmental center is slated for completion in November.
August 1, 1997

Pets share love at live-in facility; a humane society program helps cats and dogs brighten the spirits of animal lovers living in hospital environments.
July 29, 1997

Day campers get dirty for fun; a crafts marathon invites children from 18 camps to paint, stamp and make a mess.
July 26, 1997

Couple served up hot meals, smiles for 7 years; a Sarasota County couple make their last round of deliveries Wednesday for meals on wheels.
July 24, 1997

Roadwork won’t be quick fix
July 23, 1997

311 calls: possible relief for 911?
July 20, 1997

Commissioner bets on evacuation road
July 18, 1997

International attraction: sewer system; Englewood hosts Japanese
July 17, 1997

Takeover talks start earlier than planned
July 16, 1997

Disaster council postponed; Sarasota commissioners ask the Englewood area planning advisory board for more information on the plan, delaying a decision for six months.
July 13, 1997

Counties ask state to build i-75 connector; the Charlotte and Sarasota commissioners hope that a proposed Englewood evacuation route will be added to the state highway system.
July 11, 1997

Commissions meet today in Englewood; the two county boards will talk about ways Sarasota and Charlotte can work together.
July 10, 1997

Tagging tarpon: the big fish; annual tarpon tourney begins
July 10, 1997

Airport defense vowed
July 8, 1997

Humans hazardous to turtles; beachgoers warned to steer clear of nests
July 7, 1997

Marines recall Iwo Jima
July 6, 1997

Patriots honor the past in park; a restored cannon adds the right touch to Fourth of July festivities.
July 5, 1997

Swimmers attempt the Peace River; the annual event brought out anyone willing to brave strong currents, sharks and stingrays.
July 5, 1997

Holiday swimmers urged to take care
July 5, 1997

Emergency landing: Jayhawk beached copter lands on beach; a malfunctioning hydraulic system forces the pilot to touch down on Englewood beach.
July 4, 1997

Mercury marine test fleet on secret mission; the company is mum about the swarms of personal watercraft that buzz across the water.
July 2, 1997

Theater saluted but food lacking; though the movie was a violent one for openers, theater-goers flocked to Englewood’s new movie cafe.
June 30, 1997

Fireman to lose license after dui; he will not be eligible for a work permit to drive until he completes a dui course.
June 27, 1997

New club in need of early support; the boys and girls club executive director is optimistic about chances for success.
June 26, 1997

Fire chars thousands of acres; residents flee homes for safety; firefighters get the scrub brush blaze in Englewood mostly contained by Saturday night.
June 22, 1997

District to replace water filter; the aging filter, which removes hydrogen sulfide, poses no health danger, an administrator said.
June 21, 1997

Fireman wants to keep driving; the Englewood man is hoping for a special permit that would allow him back behind the wheel of firetrucks.
June 20, 1997

Group won’t oppose limited dredging; members of the Lemon Bay conservancy fear stump pass is becoming dangerous for boaters.
June 19, 1997

Road plan from 1960 gets funds
June 18, 1997

Program puts kids in ring, off streets
June 17, 1997

Seeds of memory: a garden for the season; private memorial garden watered with tears of love; b.a. rock grows an almost-perfect tribute to a perfect wife.
June 14, 1997

County moves to add sewage customers; the homeowners in the 12 neighborhoods would pay connection fees but not assessment costs.
June 11, 1997

Commissioners squabble about letter on development; the exchange was over changes made by Chairman Matt Deboer to a letter by Don Coppola to the Florida housing finance agency.
June 11, 1997

New signs good news for out-of-towners
June 10, 1997

Stepping into the future; there’s more study ahead for most of these seniors; a number of students graduating from Lemon Bay high plan on continuing their educations.
June 6, 1997

Board rapped over grant
June 6, 1997

Tax breaks were wrong
June 6, 1997

Charlotte, Skateland reach a truce; the county will allow the first phase of Pelican Pete’s expansion to begin.
June 4, 1997

Neighbors lose county fence fight; Charlotte is not responsible for removing a fence that partially blocks a road.
June 4, 1997

Englewood roadwork will shift to C.R. 775
June 2, 1997

Future uncertain: in Caloosahatchee River; sea cows get new lease on life; the manatees are released after more than a year of rehabilitation in a tank at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.
May 28, 1997

Critics question airport land use; efforts are under way to close Buchan airport, but one biologist says manatee and scrub jay habitats could be disrupted.
May 24, 1997

Citizens fight to keep airport; the Sarasota County Commission voted April 29 to begin closing Buchan airport.
May 23, 1997

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