Mr. Long goes to Washington

Rep. John Lewis and Bryan LongWords cannot describe how honored and humbled I am to have dined with Rep. John Lewis and tour his offices in Washington, D.C. yesterday.

As I described earlier this week, I was invited — on what may have been a whim — by Rep. Lewis to visit him in D.C. I wasn’t certain at the time that the lunch offer would result in a real lunch.

It proved to be much more than I could have expected or asked for.

Rep. Lewis spent more than three hours entertaining Alex and I during a very busy day for the House of Representatives.

We arrived 30 minutes early for lunch and spent much of that time walking the halls of Cannon House on what turned out to be moving day. Alex accurately described the scene as reminiscent of a college dorm on the first day of class. Furniture was stacked high in every hallway as some members of Congress left their posts while others moved in.

When we returned to Rep. Lewis’ office just before noon we were told that the Congressman may be late. We were promptly introduced to a staff member who would join us for lunch. At 12:20, disappointment began to mildly set in as we walked toward the Capitol with no sign of the Congressman. [Read more…]

Missing Buenos Aires

Maybe it’s the spring weather that has taken over Atlanta like a fever. Maybe it’s time to plan my next vacation.Whatever the cause, I have been thinking a lot about the warm weather in Buenos Aires this week.

It’s been three months since Alex and I returned to snow and ice at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport — just long enough to pine for the outdoor cafes and scenic views.

I miss the food, the vibrancy of the street life and the surprises we found in every neighborhood.

I really miss the apartment in Palermo with the manual elevator that clicked and clacked its way up to the fourth floor. About halfway through the trip, Alex took our laundry to the cleaners just around the corner from that apartment. By conquering such a simple chore, we felt like we were really part of the city. This morning, Alex was pleasantly surprised to find that his short-sleeve shirts still smell like that Buenos Aires cleaners after being stored in a drawer all winter.

So with this flood of memories attacking my senses, I’ve finally finished editing the last of the videos from our trip.

Here it is, enjoy: