A little lesson about Glen Jackson

Glen Jackson, Maryville Retreat Talent ShowJackson Spalding has enjoyed a good run lately. We were named to the AJC’s Top Work Places in Atlanta and then the Holmes Report named us Best Small Agency to work for. (If you want to find out for yourself, we have nine jobs posted right now — send me your resume).

Needless to say there’s been some self-reflection on why we’re such a good place to work. The easy answers are healthy, realistic billable goals and a true focus on work-life balance. But there are a lot of intangibles.

One of those intangibles is the Glen factor. I found this nugget in my email from April 2008 and had to share it today:

To: Jackson Spalding
Subject: A little lesson about selling

Something I thought about today that I wanted to put down in writing about selling:

Instead of selling to people, connect with people.  There is a big difference between the two.

Just a little thought for us to remember.

This is typical of Glen. He finds a connection to everyone he meets. That connection starts as an small ember and he feeds it until it’s a raging fire.

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Midtown Rotary honors AID Atlanta, Volunteer of the Year

Walter Bradley AID Atlanta

From left, Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club President Robert Walker, Walter Bradley and Barbara Rose.

Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club honored Walter Bradley yesterday as the 2011 Barbara B. Rose Volunteer of the Year. This is the fifth year Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club has honored a local volunteer with a ceremony and donations to the volunteer’s nominating organization.

Walter was selected from 18 nominations, the most ever received by Midtown Atlanta Rotary. AID Atlanta describes Walter as “a force of nature.”

Among his achievements, Walter is the most active and visible HIV/AIDS volunteer activist in the city of Atlanta. He reaches tens of thousands of people each year, from junior high youth to senior citizens, with his very personal and compelling message of overcoming substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.

As the most active speaker in the Youth HIV/AIDS Education Program jointly sponsored by AID Atlanta and Georgia Rotary Clubs, Walter travels the state to present HIV/AIDS prevention education to junior high and high school students. Last year alone, Walter presented to 17,899 students. He makes dozens of additional presentations each year to various community groups throughout the city, reaching thousands more people. [Read more…]

Rotary District 6900


I enjoyed spending this morning with fellow Rotarians from Rotary International District 6900.

My morning was filled learning how to apply for District matching grants. I’m excited about putting this knowledge to work.

Also, Midtown Rotary will look for college students this year who need a scholarship to study abroad. I’ll provide more details on the scholarship over the summer.

Giving back to those who give back

Midtown Rotary Volunteer of the Year

President David Zimmerman, Leotha Womble and Barbara Rose.

Yesterday, I attended the annual awards lunch to honor Midtown’s most dedicated and hard working volunteers.

The program was filled with quotes — some popular, some obscure — about volunteering and community service. My favorite is from Tom Brokaw who said, “It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot harder to make a difference.”

We had a roomful of people who have made a difference in Midtown so the decision to select the Volunteer of the Year must have been a challenging one for those on the selection committee.

Ultimately, Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club chose to honor Leotha Womble as the 2010 Barbara B. Rose Volunteer of the Year.

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Looking behind vitriolic speech and soundbites

I’ll have to be honest, until yesterday I didn’t put a lot of energy into thinking about the U.S. detention camp at Guantanamo Bay. My feelings could be summed up in one word: bad.

Bad people, bad policy.

And then Rear Admiral Jim McGarrah spoke to Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club and implored each of us to avoid taking strong political stands on any issue based solely on information provided on television.

“Don’t take soundbites from anyone. Not Fox, not CNN, not even the papers,” he said. “This is a complex issue and it’s impossible to understand based on what you hear from politicians and talking heads.”

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