Google should kill ‘News Badges’ project

I’m a huge fan of Google. It’s not that I simply accept Google because the company’s products are unavoidable. I really love their innovations and the inter-connectivity.

But I was a little disturbed this morning when I clicked the tab for Google News and was greeted with this notice:

Google News Badges

Thanks, Google. I realize I read a lot of news articles about Gay Rights but I don’t need a Bronze badge to help me recognize that. Can anyone please explain what Google gains by revealing to me how closely they monitor what I read?

A little lesson about Glen Jackson

Glen Jackson, Maryville Retreat Talent ShowJackson Spalding has enjoyed a good run lately. We were named to the AJC’s Top Work Places in Atlanta and then the Holmes Report named us Best Small Agency to work for. (If you want to find out for yourself, we have nine jobs posted right now — send me your resume).

Needless to say there’s been some self-reflection on why we’re such a good place to work. The easy answers are healthy, realistic billable goals and a true focus on work-life balance. But there are a lot of intangibles.

One of those intangibles is the Glen factor. I found this nugget in my email from April 2008 and had to share it today:

To: Jackson Spalding
Subject: A little lesson about selling

Something I thought about today that I wanted to put down in writing about selling:

Instead of selling to people, connect with people.  There is a big difference between the two.

Just a little thought for us to remember.

This is typical of Glen. He finds a connection to everyone he meets. That connection starts as an small ember and he feeds it until it’s a raging fire.

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iPhone tracks my every move. Is that OK?

iPhone location data

When I learned that Apple enabled every iPhone and iPad to track location data, I was curious more than concerned. I really wanted to see what my personal travel map looked like. It turns out to be pretty cool.

Naturally, I spend a lot of time in Midtown Atlanta. My office and home are both on Peachtree Street. I made a few trips out to the suburbs, have spent some time in Athens and recently drove over to Columbus. The iPhone data correctly logs my trips to Birmingham, Montgomery, Troy and Opp, Alabama. The iPhone logged my vacations to the Florida panhandle, Virginia and upstate New York. The device recorded my stop in Miami before I turned the iPhone off and boarded a cruise ship. [Read more…]

Candi’s for Breakfast offers late night option

Candi's for BreakfastMmmm. Late night breakfast. Candi’s for Breakfast in the Old Fourth Ward has kindly offered to help the neighborhood sober up or wind down after this weekend’s Atlanta Dogwood Festival and Sweetwater 420 Fest. The breakfast spot has extended its hours from the typical 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. to also include 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

How cool is that?

Candi’s for Breakfast will be open late-night Friday and Saturday.

A little birdy told me that if the new hours draw enough traffic, they may come back for a few more weekends. Maybe even permanently.  Eat up, Old Fourth Ward!

Ice Cream Friday: Jake’s Ice Cream visits Jackson Spalding

Ice Cream Sundae via will be an interesting day. I’m excited to host a focus group for Jake Rothschild, the serial entrepreneur and owner of Jake’s Ice Cream. A group of Jackson Spalding colleagues will walk-through the challenges of opening a retail concept on Peachtree Street in Midtown.

While we’re all marketers and communicators, today we’re volunteering our time and opinions as consumers and lovers of Midtown, Atlanta. [Read more…]

Video of man pulled from MARTA rail tracks

The tension is almost palpable in the first seconds of this amazing YouTube video showing a man being rescued by strangers from the MARTA train tracks in the Five Points Station in downtown Atlanta:

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Poll solves gay ‘tyranny of the minority’

It’s time to vote. The American Family Association is asking its members why homosexuals control major changes in cultural morality despite being a tiny fraction of the whole population. You really won’t believe the answer.

OneNewsNow Poll: Why do gays control culture? [Read more…]

Morgan Spurlock’s greatest TED Talk ever sold

Morgan Spurlock TED TalkI’m fascinated by Morgan Spurlock’s new film, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” I recently read the Fast Company article “I’m With the Brand,” and this week, I watched the TED Talk embedded below.

I haven’t seen the movie yet — it opens April 22 — so I have no clue whether it’s any good. But I can say I’m a fan of this ideas, especially his promotion of corporate transparency. From my perspective, the companies that run into trouble with reputation management are the ones who can’t find a way to speak honestly about their business.

Companies that find it difficult to honestly discuss their operations, goals and motivations may need to take a closer look at the ethics surrounding each of them.

The film below is 19 minutes long but it’s worth it for anyone concerned about the state of marketing in America today or how to manage your own brand. [Read more…]


Does anyone know what Atlanta’s mounted police force does, exactly? I saw these two horses — and cops — on Peachtree Street today. While it’s fun to see them walking with normal traffic, I can’t help but wonder what they do.


UPS leads Atlanta among Forbes’ most reputable cos.

United Parcel Service logo (2003-present)

Image via Wikipedia

UPS makes an appearance as the only Atlanta-based corporation in the Top 20 of the most reputable companies in the US, according to the sixth annual list from advisory firm Reputation Institute, in partnership with Forbes Media. UPS, in fact, ranks in the Top 10 at No. 6.

Other Georgia companies making the list include No. 24 Home Depot, No. 25 Coca-Cola, No. 61 Southern Company, No. 102 Delta Air Lines and No. 105 Aflac.

The Reputation Institute’s annual list is an attempt to rank brands by influence. [Read more…]