Midtown Rotary honors AID Atlanta, Volunteer of the Year

Walter Bradley AID Atlanta

From left, Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club President Robert Walker, Walter Bradley and Barbara Rose.

Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club honored Walter Bradley yesterday as the 2011 Barbara B. Rose Volunteer of the Year. This is the fifth year Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club has honored a local volunteer with a ceremony and donations to the volunteer’s nominating organization.

Walter was selected from 18 nominations, the most ever received by Midtown Atlanta Rotary. AID Atlanta describes Walter as “a force of nature.”

Among his achievements, Walter is the most active and visible HIV/AIDS volunteer activist in the city of Atlanta. He reaches tens of thousands of people each year, from junior high youth to senior citizens, with his very personal and compelling message of overcoming substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.

As the most active speaker in the Youth HIV/AIDS Education Program jointly sponsored by AID Atlanta and Georgia Rotary Clubs, Walter travels the state to present HIV/AIDS prevention education to junior high and high school students. Last year alone, Walter presented to 17,899 students. He makes dozens of additional presentations each year to various community groups throughout the city, reaching thousands more people. [Read more…]

Video of man pulled from MARTA rail tracks

The tension is almost palpable in the first seconds of this amazing YouTube video showing a man being rescued by strangers from the MARTA train tracks in the Five Points Station in downtown Atlanta:

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Spring cleaning: Time to dust off your website

Jackson Spalding: Atlanta Public RelationsI spent an hour or so Monday morning researching the background of several companies that I will partner with over the next few months. Naturally, this research leads to viewing the corporate website and any related websites. I was impressed with what I saw — at least at first. As I looked around and clicked a few links my impression dimmed.

The company — which I won’t name for obvious reasons — has completed world-class projects and is in a league above many in its field. There is no doubt, by any measure, that this company isn’t top-notch. But instead of showing the world a top-notch website, many of the company’s pages were out of date, relayed old information or offered visitors broken links.

This is a good reminder that websites are not set-it-and-forget-it projects. A little spring cleaning for your website won’t hurt. I promise.

Unless you have a simple landing page with only your contact information, your website needs to be dynamic, current and accurate. For many people, your website makes the first — and sometime only — impression. Are you OK with that?

I will be reviewing the Jackson Spalding website today to be sure we’re up-to-date. I know a makeover is already in progress but if there’s any old information, it needs to be cleaned up today. Let me know if you see any mistakes!

2010 census, Atlanta demographics and Georgia elections

Georgia Election & Census Map ComparisonEven the most casual observer understands the 2010 census — which shows shifting Atlanta demographics — will lead to profound changes in the political landscape. Figuring out exactly how those changes will shape Georgia elections is the part that requires some brain power and a crystal ball.

I’m thinking about this today because the Georgia Assembly is nearing the end of this year’s session and our political attention will soon shift to redistricting and, of course, the 2012 election. My weekend reading also uncovered a thought-provoking article from CNN on the “8 political takeaways from the census” which led me down this rabbit hole. More on that in a bit.

At first glance, the election map looks very ugly for Georgia Democrats. When looking at the Georgia counties Barack Obama won in 2008 compared to the counties that have grown in population over the past decade, you would think the Democrats have lost Georgia forever. There are too many counties Obama won that also show a loss in population. And there are plenty of John McCain counties that show an increase in population.

This can’t be good. Right? [Read more…]

Rotary District 6900


I enjoyed spending this morning with fellow Rotarians from Rotary International District 6900.

My morning was filled learning how to apply for District matching grants. I’m excited about putting this knowledge to work.

Also, Midtown Rotary will look for college students this year who need a scholarship to study abroad. I’ll provide more details on the scholarship over the summer.

Poll solves gay ‘tyranny of the minority’

It’s time to vote. The American Family Association is asking its members why homosexuals control major changes in cultural morality despite being a tiny fraction of the whole population. You really won’t believe the answer.

OneNewsNow Poll: Why do gays control culture? [Read more…]

Morgan Spurlock’s greatest TED Talk ever sold

Morgan Spurlock TED TalkI’m fascinated by Morgan Spurlock’s new film, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” I recently read the Fast Company article “I’m With the Brand,” and this week, I watched the TED Talk embedded below.

I haven’t seen the movie yet — it opens April 22 — so I have no clue whether it’s any good. But I can say I’m a fan of this ideas, especially his promotion of corporate transparency. From my perspective, the companies that run into trouble with reputation management are the ones who can’t find a way to speak honestly about their business.

Companies that find it difficult to honestly discuss their operations, goals and motivations may need to take a closer look at the ethics surrounding each of them.

The film below is 19 minutes long but it’s worth it for anyone concerned about the state of marketing in America today or how to manage your own brand. [Read more…]

Social media policy: A treasure trove of netiquette rules

Social Media PolicySeveral clients recently asked me for a social media policy, or a blogging policy, so that they could provide social media guidelines for their employees. Frankly, I simply didn’t have a corporate social media policy template sitting on my desktop ready to fire away.

So I did what I always do in these situations: I asked my colleagues. This is generally a reliable group to turn to in a pinch. Unfortunately, nothing turned up. I drafted my own social networking guidelines and provided some general advice that I’ve learned from personal experience but I still felt that I was short-changing my clients.

I was thrilled when Jackson Spalding’s Social Media Director Stefany Sanders shared this link: Online Database of Social Media Policies.

Eureka! [Read more…]

Glenn Beck’s Fox exit OK for Republicans, bad for Jon Stewart

With a new election cycle approaching, the Republicans no longer need Glenn Beck to fire up the base. Instead, they need to play to the middle to have any hopes of winning a Presidential election against Barack Obama in 2012.

Sorry, Glenn. You did your job and now you’re being relegated to the crazy wing of the party. Republican mouthpiece Fox News needs you to walk out quietly. It was fun while it lasted.

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Does anyone know what Atlanta’s mounted police force does, exactly? I saw these two horses — and cops — on Peachtree Street today. While it’s fun to see them walking with normal traffic, I can’t help but wonder what they do.