Spring cleaning: Time to dust off your website

Jackson Spalding: Atlanta Public RelationsI spent an hour or so Monday morning researching the background of several companies that I will partner with over the next few months. Naturally, this research leads to viewing the corporate website and any related websites. I was impressed with what I saw — at least at first. As I looked around and clicked a few links my impression dimmed.

The company — which I won’t name for obvious reasons — has completed world-class projects and is in a league above many in its field. There is no doubt, by any measure, that this company isn’t top-notch. But instead of showing the world a top-notch website, many of the company’s pages were out of date, relayed old information or offered visitors broken links.

This is a good reminder that websites are not set-it-and-forget-it projects. A little spring cleaning for your website won’t hurt. I promise.

Unless you have a simple landing page with only your contact information, your website needs to be dynamic, current and accurate. For many people, your website makes the first — and sometime only — impression. Are you OK with that?

I will be reviewing the Jackson Spalding website today to be sure we’re up-to-date. I know a makeover is already in progress but if there’s any old information, it needs to be cleaned up today. Let me know if you see any mistakes!

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