Social media policy: A treasure trove of netiquette rules

Social Media PolicySeveral clients recently asked me for a social media policy, or a blogging policy, so that they could provide social media guidelines for their employees. Frankly, I simply didn’t have a corporate social media policy template sitting on my desktop ready to fire away.

So I did what I always do in these situations: I asked my colleagues. This is generally a reliable group to turn to in a pinch. Unfortunately, nothing turned up. I drafted my own social networking guidelines and provided some general advice that I’ve learned from personal experience but I still felt that I was short-changing my clients.

I was thrilled when Jackson Spalding’s Social Media Director Stefany Sanders shared this link: Online Database of Social Media Policies.


There are social networking policies from well over 150 companies, not-for-profits, government agencies and more. There’s an easy to use “Add Your Policy” form so I’m sure more are on the way.

Already you can read the policies from two Atlanta favorites: Coca-Cola and the American Red Cross. Coca-Cola provides a link to its online social media principles while the American Red Cross links to its social media handbook for local Red Cross units and the online communications guidelines.

This database provides valuable insight into how a wide variety of businesses advise their corporate employees to manage personal activities online. It’s a treasure trove of netiquette rules!

After reviewing the social media policy for a handful of companies, I realized that I was not in compliance with the best practices of my industry. I wanted to fix that immediately.

I have added a permanent note to a few of my pages on this website, including the About Bryan Long page. The note signals that this is a personal website and does not represent any of the organizations I’m affiliated with. I also decided to remind everyone that I intend to disclose my clients so that you understand my relationships when I write about them.

Here’s the new addition:

NOTE: The opinions on this website are mine. I do not speak for Jackson Spalding, AID Atlanta, Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club or any other organization. I will disclose all client relationships, when possible. My intent is to always be open and transparent with all relationships.

Do I need to add anything else to this note? Do you have a social media policy or guidelines you would like to share?

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