Midtown Rotary honors AID Atlanta, Volunteer of the Year

Walter Bradley AID Atlanta

From left, Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club President Robert Walker, Walter Bradley and Barbara Rose.

Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club honored Walter Bradley yesterday as the 2011 Barbara B. Rose Volunteer of the Year. This is the fifth year Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club has honored a local volunteer with a ceremony and donations to the volunteer’s nominating organization.

Walter was selected from 18 nominations, the most ever received by Midtown Atlanta Rotary. AID Atlanta describes Walter as “a force of nature.”

Among his achievements, Walter is the most active and visible HIV/AIDS volunteer activist in the city of Atlanta. He reaches tens of thousands of people each year, from junior high youth to senior citizens, with his very personal and compelling message of overcoming substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.

As the most active speaker in the Youth HIV/AIDS Education Program jointly sponsored by AID Atlanta and Georgia Rotary Clubs, Walter travels the state to present HIV/AIDS prevention education to junior high and high school students. Last year alone, Walter presented to 17,899 students. He makes dozens of additional presentations each year to various community groups throughout the city, reaching thousands more people.

Walter also serves as a peer counselor and support group facilitator, helping persons newly diagnosed with HIV to deal with their diagnosis and linking them to the care and support they need to live healthy and full lives. He is an active board member of AID Atlanta, representing the needs of clients across the metro region. In addition to serving on the Board of AID Atlanta, Walter recently completed a six‐year term on the board of the Living Room.

“Walter’s greatest strength is his ability to connect deeply with people from every walk of life, young and old,” said AID Atlanta Executive Director Tracy Elliott “Walter has committed his life, in spite of the challenges he faces, to service to humanity. With his ever‐present smile and amazingly positive outlook on life, he spreads a message of hope to those affected by and at risk for HIV/AIDS.”

Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club awarded Bradley with $500 in recognition for his service to the community. In addition, the Club provided a $1,000 donation in Bradley’s name to AID Atlanta.

“Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club is thrilled with the nominees in the fifth year of the Barbara B. Rose Volunteer of the Year,” said Club President Robert Walker. “Our selection committee faced a very difficult decision in choosing this year’s winner but there is no doubt Walter is deserving of this high honor. We can’t thank him enough for his service to the community.”

Brian McGuire, Vice President of Treasury Management Services at Private Bank of Buckhead, served as chairman for the Club’s Volunteer of the Year Committee.

I am a member of the Board of Directors for both Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club and AID Atlanta but I did not serve on the selection committee. I’m very proud of this selection, though.

Last year’s winner was Leotha Womble, who has volunteered with the Center for the Visually Impaired for more than 30 years.

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