Finding focus to avoid the fire drills

Fire brigade: Which fire first?As I get older, it gets easier to focus on a single topic and to understand what needs my attention. For one thing, it’s a huge relief to know that I don’t need to multi-task.

I give credit for my improved focus on years of effort and taking small steps along the way. The bulk of my personal growth has manifest itself primarily because I’ve eliminated unnecessary distractions. I’ve ditched TV, which took several years and multiple stages. I have surrounded myself with supportive friends and healthy relationships, another process that took years. And I don’t concern myself with drama in other people’s lives.

In fact, I have mastered four of five tips provided by the Life Optimizer web site. The personal growth and effectiveness blog offers these five tips for staying focused:

  1. Clear All Unnecessary Distractions
  2. Keep a Journal
  3. Create New Habits
  4. Surround Yourself With People That Have Similar Goals
  5. Take Breaks

Oddly, the only one I don’t practice on a regular basis is keeping a journal. You may think that as a writer I would have mastered the art of the journal. But no. I have never kept a journal and have no real plans to do so. I’m reluctant because I write so much without the journal that it seems like a burden to add another writing assignment to my life.

If there are any writers out there who recommend keeping a journal, please let me know if I’m making a mistake. I still have moments where I feel overwhelmed, with too much that needs to be done right now. Would writing a daily journal really help me avoid those moments completely?

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