‘Just PR’ is more than you think

Over the past several weeks, 27 fellow Rotarians have visited my office to pick up dictionaries to deliver to Atlanta Public School third graders. While in the office, a surprising number have asked “So, Jackson Spalding does just PR?”

Just PR. I’m not even certain how to define “just PR” these days.

Perhaps 10 years ago there was “just PR” in the sense of media relations. Clients could ask for help reaching the editorial side of TV, news and radio. But anyone today who is seeking only traditional media relations is due for a shock.

The world has changed. And so has PR.

Jackson Spalding is divided into three divisions: JS Communications, JS Cultivation and JS Creative. All three of these divisions work closely with the others. Most clients ask for services from two or three divisions.

JS Communications is our “just PR” department. We manage corporate communications for Orkin, Delta and Chick-fil-A. For these clients and others, we provide media relations, crisis communications, employee communications, business-to-business communications, social media services and a long list of PR tactics.

JS Cultivation is our training department. We provide media training, speaker training, crisis drills and other training services tailored to each client’s needs.

JS Creative is exactly what it sounds like. Our creative team designs advertising, newsletters, sales collateral, signage, websites, Facebook Pages and more.

I can barely keep track of it all myself. Every day I walk into the office we’ve grown or changed in some way.

So when I’m asked if we do “just PR” I say “Yes, we do. And a whole lot more.”

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