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I’m heading to Washington, D.C. today for a quick trip that was planned around a single lunch. I’ve been invited to dine with Rep. John Lewis in the Congressional dining room.

I met Rep. Lewis at a Democratic fundraiser just before the November election. After saying how I honored I was to meet him I mentioned that we share a mutual hometown: Troy, Ala. His eyes lit up and he launched into a series of stories about his memories of Troy. He told one story about trying to hold down a relative’s house as a tornado blew through. He also said he frequently returns to Troy and owns farmland there.

By the end of the conversation he asked if I visited D.C. often. I told him that I rarely visit D.C. but I love the city.

I thought we were still making idle chit-chat but instead he invited me to join him for lunch. I doubt I’m alone in receiving such an invitation but I’m certainly honored and excited about the opportunity to spend time with one of our nation’s heroes.

In early 2011, Rep. Lewis will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Rep. Lewis was a Civil Rights leader, a Freedom Rider and the youngest person to speak at the 1963 March on Washington.

I sincerely regret that I have not found time to read the Congressman’s memoir, Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement, but it will be on my holiday reading list.

I can’t rush off without acknowledging that I’m nervous the meeting won’t happen tomorrow. After all, Rep. Lewis certainly has more important people he could meet.

I’ll publish an update Friday to let you know how it goes.

Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement

Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement

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